What is Sasha's music style?

While Sasha’s music is primarily associated with progressive house, he has experimented with many other genres and styles throughout his career. He has been known to incorporate techno, trance, ambient music, and even rock elements into his tracks.

What is Sasha's music style?

Who is Sasha in music?

Alexander Paul Coe

Alexander Paul Coe (born 4 September 1969), known professionally as Sasha, is a Welsh DJ and record producer. He is best known for his live events and electronic music as a solo artist, as well as his collaborations with British DJ John Digweed as Sasha & John Digweed.

How did Sasha get famous?

Sasha reached a more mainstream audience with his remixes of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” and GusGus’s “Purple” for those artists’ single releases. His success in pop music led him to scorethe music for the PlayStationvideo gamesWipeout 3and Gran Turismo.

How did Sasha become a DJ?

Sasha purchased records and began to teach himself how to mix. A local DJ at a club Sasha frequented announced that he was looking for other DJs to travel with him on a regional tour; Sasha volunteered and made his first live appearance in nearby Stockport.

Who is Sasha Mania?

Because of his increased popularity and visibility at Shelley’s, Mixmagfeatured Sasha on its first cover, under the headline “SASHA MANIA – THE FIRST DJ PINUP?”. While continuing to DJ, Sasha began to produce several of his own dance tracks.

What albums does Sasha have?

Sasha Discography Awards and nominations Studio albums The Qat Collection(1994) Airdrawndagger(2002) Scene Delete(2016) Compilation albums The emFire Collection: Mixed, Unmixed & Remixed(2008) Live albums Avalon Los Angeles CA 24/06/06(2006) Mix albums Essential Mix(1995) Global Underground 009: San Francisco(1998)

What kind of music is Sasha and Digweed?

Progressive house

Sasha & John Digweed
GenresProgressive house, Progressive trance, deep house, techno
Instrument(s)Digital audio workstation synthesiser sampler drum machine turntables keyboards
Years active1993–present
LabelsRenaissance Ministry of Sound INCredible Ultra Kinetic System

Who are Sasha & John Digweed?

Sasha & John Digweed are one of electronic music’s most dynamic and forward-thinking duos. Having first encountered one another at Mansfield club Renaissance, they quickly became the poster boys for ’90s electronica music — in the process popularising their preferred genre of choice, progressive house, the world over.

When did Digweed & Sasha release a mix album?

In 1998, the two released separate mix albums on the Boxed label, as part of the Global Underground series: Digweed’s Global Underground 006: Sydney, and Sasha’s Global Underground 009: San Francisco, which drew from Sasha’s experience touring on the West Coast of the United States.

Is Sasha & John Digweed’s ‘Renaissance’ a good mix CD?

‘Renaissance: The Mix Collection’ (1994) Even in the overly hyperbolic world of Discogs reviews, the praise reserved for Sasha & John Digweed’s inaugural mix CD takes some beating. “This is the family jewel of mixes from the ’90s. Protect at all costs, though my kids like pulling it from the sleeve and spreading out the beautiful folded inner card.

When did Sasha & Digweed tour?

In 2008, Sasha & Digweed announced their plans to do another tour of North America taking in 21 cities in one month, as they announced the Sasha and John Digweed Spring Club Tour 2008. The tour began at the Winter Music Conference on 27 March at the club Mansion. This was the first time they toured North America together in six years.

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