What is Kygo considered?

OriginBergen, Norway
GenresTropical house dance-pop progressive house deep house
Occupation(s)DJ music producer songwriter
Years active2013–present

What is Kygo considered?

Is Diplo an EDM artist?

In what styles of music does Diplo make tracks? Diplo first made his name producing electronic dance music (EDM), particularly in the genres of moombahton, trap, and future bass. He also helped to popularize the “tropical house” genre with his work on Major Lazer’s “Peace Is the Mission” album.

Who is DJ Diplo?

Having recently gone through his country, psychedelic pop, and even ambient phases, the omnivorous EDM DJ turns his attention to house music on his first solo full-length in 18 years. Diplo has long branded himself as an agitator-entrepreneur, mining underground sounds to shake up for young, thump-thirsty ears.

Is Diplo a real person?

Thomas Wesley Pentz (born November 10, 1978), known professionally as Diplo, is an American disc jockey, songwriter, and record producer.

What kind of music does Diplo play?

It is sturdy, catchy music that, like so many other Diplo projects, blurs the lines between dance, pop and the genre of origin. Diplo bobs his head as it plays. Thomas Pentz says that when young Wesley and his two sisters were growing up in Edgewater and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the family listened mostly to Christian and country music.

How many EDM acts does Diplo have?

His always-evolving agency – particularly via dance-music tastemaker Steve Goodgold – built its EDM roster one brick at a time, from Diplo to M83 to a present-day list of some 600 live acts and 200-plus DJs.

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