When did Shaq Diesel come out?

October 26, 1993

Shaq Diesel is the debut album by American professional basketball player and rapper Shaquille O’Neal, released on October 26, 1993, through Jive Records.

When did Shaq Diesel come out?

How long has DJ Diesel been a DJ?

But now, the self-proclaimed “dubstep dad” is taking it back to the essence. He’s been DJing as DJ Diesel since 2015, playing electronic music at shows and festivals like Lollapalooza. He’s said that being in the DJ booth in front of thousands of people gives him the rush of his playing days.

Who is DJ Diesel?

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the biggest basketball stars in the world, but there’s another side to him: DJ Diesel. As Diesel, he’s been playing the DJ circuit around the world for a few years, and he’s just released his debut album, “ Gorilla Warfare ,” on Monstercat.

Who is Shaq Diesel & how did he become a DJ?

It wasn’t O’Neal’s first musical revelation — his 1993 debut rap album “Shaq Diesel” went platinum and he’s been DJing for over 20 years — but it was his introduction to the world of massive EDM festivals. The experience swept him off his size-22-feet. He returned to TomorrowWorld the following year, this time as a performing DJ.

Who is the world’s biggest DJ?

The self-proclaimed world’s biggest DJ — and who can begrudge him the title at 7-foot-1? — goes by “Diesel,” and spins a mix of dubstep, trap and hip-hop. Most know him by the name inscribed on his Basketball Hall of Fame plaque, Shaquille O’Neal, the former Lakers great and four-time NBA champion.

What did DJ Diesel do at the green tent?

DJ Diesel played to a rambunctious crowd overflowing the Green Tent on Saturday. Kicking things off with the proclamation, “Your king has returned, Los Angeles,” his set featured hits from electronic duo GTA, remixes of Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d city” and Alice Deejay’s rave classic, “Better Off Alone.”

Does Shaq go by diesel or DJ Diesel?

Shaquille O’Neal makes his Bonnaroo debut as DJ Diesel: ‘I’m coming out there!’ MANCHESTER, Tenn. − “Are we having a good time, Bonnaroo?” Diesel, also known as NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, yelled at the crowd shortly after starting his 2:30 a.m. set Saturday at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

Is DJ Diesel coming to New York this summer?

DJ Diesel is coming to a city near you this summer! Shaquille O’Neal announced Thursday (June 23) that “THE DISEL IS ON HIS WAY!” DJ Diesel is going on a 30-plus-date tour this summer that kicks off at Buffalo Riverworks in New York on Friday (June 24).

Is Shaq O’Neal a DJ?

O’Neal, who released multiple studio rap albums in the 1990s, has shifted to DJing in recent years. He most recently completed a live set at his “Shaq’s Fun House” event in Los Angeles during Super Bowl weekend. Being a DJ is a true passion for O’Neal, as he actually loses money whenever he performs because of the costs involved.

When did Shaq become a DJ?

From Basketball to Bigshot DJ Shaquille O’Neal began DJing under the moniker “DJ Diesel” in 2014. Better known as Shaq, he has been involved in the music business since the early 2000s and has released two albums, Shaq-Fu: Da Return in 1994 and You Can’t Stop the Reign in 1996.

How did Shaq O’Neal become DJ Diesel?

How did Shaq become DJ Diesel? O’Neal began messing around with the turntables as a teenager, and he dabbled in DJing throughout his NBA career. He would play sets alone or for his friends, but he ventured out to nightclubs after he retired.

When did Shaq become a DJ?

Who is Shaq & how did he become a DJ?

Shaq isn’t just a casual celebrity DJ — he’s actually been plying his trade for most of his life. During his early adolescence, inspired by the old-school hip-hop turntablists he grew up listening to, he taught himself how to spin on a $200 setup he cobbled together after cutting grass and washing cars.

What kind of music does Shaq O’Neal play?

Shaq’s DJ sets have transitioned from hip-hop and R&B to dubstep, bass music, and EDM. He says he enjoys all types of music and found love for electronic music by attending the now-defunct TomorrowWorld festival in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia — a small town outside of Atlanta — in 2015.

When did Shaq Diesel go platinum?

Actually, “Shaq Diesel” went platinum, with his next album going gold, proving O’Neal had a career ahead of him in both music and basketball. This success led O’Neal to pull out all the stops for his second release in 1994 (via Showbiz Cheatsheet ).

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