What kind of EDM is Shaq?

Some EDM fans still call him Shaq or DJ Shaq. His sets are a unique blend of hip-hop, dubstep, and other genres, delivering energetic performances that leave audiences in awe.

What kind of EDM is Shaq?

Who is Shaquille O’Neal?

Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many names: Shaq, Superman, The Big Aristotle, The Big Shamrock… the list goes on. But the Hall of Famer is going by a different moniker these days: DJ Diesel. O’Neal, who released multiple studio rap albums in the 1990s, has shifted to DJing in recent years.

Who is Shaq aka DJ Diesel?

SHAQ aka DJ Diesel’s dance music debut was at TomorrowWorld 2015, as the Hall of Famer took the stage for the first time in front of tens of thousands of fans mixing the best of Trap, EDM, and Hip-Hop. From there DJ Diesel’s career was born as he cemented the title of ‘the biggest DJ in the world.’

Did Shaquille O’Neal have a platinum rap album?

Fast forward to 1993, Shaquille’s rap album, ‘Shaq Diesel,’ did the unthinkable of selling over a million copies and peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard 100 cementing O’Neal as the only athlete ever with a platinum-selling album.

What kind of music does Shaq play?

Shaq’s genre of music is mostly known as “Bass”, where the most random noises become the most entertaining sounds, leading to a wave of mosh pits and crowd-controlled actions like head-banging and jumping/dancing. These kind of songs don’t really have any lyrics in them, but Shaq likes to throw in a basketball reference from time to time.

What basketball player is also an EDM DJ?

Shaquille O’Neal’s post-NBA career is keeping him busy with his Inside The NBA gig with TNT and his various commercial endorsements. Shaq, who has enjoyed a respectable rap career, releasing material with the Fu-Schnickens, The Notorious B.I.G., Erick Sermon, and Method Man, is now a DJ going by the moniker DJ Diesel.

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