Why did Carl Cox retire?

Carl Cox Not Only Retiring Because of His Age: But Look What’s Happening to Ibiza. A new owner will take over next season, but Cox will not work for him.. “I couldn’t carry on with the same heart and soul that I had with Pepe. This is it. I can walk away a happy man, knowing that I gave it my all.”

Why did Carl Cox retire?

Who is Carl Cox?

In 2017, Cox was also named the global ambassador of Ultra Music Festival’s techno and house music concept, Resistance. Carl Cox also announced the 2017 dates for a festival he has curated entitled Pure Festival, which took place in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, during April 2017.

Is Chris Cox retiring from DJing?

Even with his hefty discography, even with a new album on the way, Cox is first and foremost, in the minds of many, a DJ. There’s obviously good reason for that — he’s one of the best at what he does, after all — but over the years, rumours of his imminent retirement from the DJing arts have occasionally surfaced.

What did Chris Cox do for a living?

Cox also had his own radio show and podcast, entitled Global, which he ran until February 2017. In 2018, he founded Awesome Soundwave, a record label focused on live electronic music artists, with live artist and producer Christopher Coe.

What happened to Carl Cox’s ‘Pure Festival’?

Carl Cox also announced the 2017 dates for a festival he has curated entitled Pure Festival, which took place in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, during April 2017. After sixteen years of Cox’s Global radio podcast, he announced via Facebook that he would no longer be working on the show and that it would end in February 2017.

What is Carl Cox famous for?

In the 1980s, Cox became a mainstage DJ in the electronica industry. He eventually became known as one of the founders of that sound and was part of the emerging British rave scene, and became renowned for the uncommon practice of three-deck mixing.

How did John Cox become famous?

Cox had followed the musical trends from disco to rare groove on to hip-hop during the late ’70s and early ’80s, but the introduction of house into Britain during the middle part of the decade convinced him that he had found his niche.

Where is Chris Cox from?

He is based in Hove, Sussex, England. Cox has won and been nominated for numerous awards. He has performed at numerous clubs and electronic music or dance events worldwide. He has hosted a residency known as “Music is Revolution” every summer season at the Space Ibiza nightclub, from 2001 to 2016.

Who played at Carl Cox & Friends?

Artists who joined Cox on his final night included tINI, Popof, Nic Fanciulli and DJ Sneak. Cox also played at the closing night of the club itself on 2 October 2016. In 2004, Cox debuted the Carl Cox & Friends arena at Ultra Music Festival, which has since taken place for twelve years.

What age did Carl Cox started DJing?

age 15

1977–1990s. At age 15, Cox began working as a mobile DJ, finding a passion for disco music. He began his music career around the same time that Chicago house music found its forefront in the world of dance music. In the 1980s, Cox became a mainstage DJ in the electronica industry.

What age did Carl Cox started DJing?

Who is DJ Carl Cox?

DJ Carl Cox is best known for being the “People’s DJ”. The 59-year old discusses being a late bloomer, musical influences and seeking love and stability in life. My maternal grandmother, Ermine Burke, was born in Barbados. She lived a simple life on a farm with my step-grandfather, John Branford. They’d kill one of their animals for a Sunday roast.

How did Chris Cox start DJing?

Cox started DJing at the age of 10, inspired by the music he heard at home. He would take a small turntable to school and play records from his dad’s collection at breaktimes (one Cabin Fever set was dedicated to his father, who died from Alzheimer’s during the first lockdown).

Where did John Cox start playing music?

In 2001, Cox began a yearly residency at Space Ibiza, a nightclub in Ibiza, Spain. He began playing on the terrace for Space’s “We Love… Space on the Terrace”. Following that, he played on Thursdays inside the club. For fifteen years, Cox built his residency entitled “Music is Revolution”.

What happened to Carl Cox?

The three-deck wizard’s new memoir details a life behind the decks, from the Houses of Parliament to Honolulu – and tragedy in Venezuela. Now, he says, his baking is as popular as his music I n late November 2007, Carl Cox’s DJing career was over – or so he thought.

Why did space Ibiza close?

The legendary superclub closed its doors seven years ago after its lease expired, ending an almost three-decade run. The venue reopened in 2017 under the new name of Hï Ibiza – and, last year, Space opened a restaurant-slash-bar on the other side of town – but Space, in all of its original glory, has never returned.

What happened to space in Ibiza?

Space in Ibiza has closed its doors for the final time after 27 years. The club opened in 1989 and was known for its legendary terrace, Carl Cox’s mind-blowing sets and 22 hour dance marathons on a Sunday. The Space Closing Fiesta was the final event at the venue as its lease has not been renewed.

When did H Ibiza reopen?

In 2017, Hï Ibiza opened in Space Ibiza’s original location. Space Ibiza announced in 2021 that it would reopen its doors in 2022. This resulted in the new Space Bar near Cafe Mambo, though the club night is yet to return to Ibiza, however the club has since opened at a new location in Riccione, Italy.

Will Space Ibiza reopen in 2022?

After closing its doors in 2016, the iconic Space Ibiza is set to return next year in 2022. The flagship Ibiza venue will re-open on the White Isle with a brand new restaurant, bar, and club night. Space Ibiza owner Pepe Roselló revealed that Space Sun Beach will be a musical-themed restaurant and bar located on the sunset strip of Sant Antoni.

Who owns space in Ibiza?

Space in its current form began in 1989 when Pepe Rosello, Ibiza nightclub owner since 1963, took over the establishment, which in the four years since it was built had housed a conference hall with a discothèque. The opening policy agreed with Spanish licensing laws, which state that an establishment must close for at least two hours a day.

Why did space Ibiza close?

How long has Carl Cox played at Ibiza?

15 consecutive years

And of course Carl’s name cannot be mentioned without Ibiza. His legendary Ibiza residency at Space came to an end in 2016, after an unbelievable 15 consecutive years. Since 2001 Carl helped establish Space as one of the biggest clubs in the world.

When did Carl Cox stop playing in Ibiza?

Carl’s last set took place on 20 September 2016 where he finished with a 10 hour vinyl and CDJ set. Unfortunately, Carl Cox did not play anywhere in Ibiza in 2023, and his return in 2024 is still unknown, but we have high hopes. Keep an eye out for further updates or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

What time did Carl Cox start his set?

Carl Cox kicked off his set with Ridney’s At Night at 12am. He played a twelve hour set, finishing with Angie Stone’s Wish I Didn’t Miss You at 12pm on Monday. “There’s been no other club on this planet that has basically been as significant as this one” – Carl Cox “I’ve had so many amazing times in here.

When does Chris Cox return to Ibiza 2022?

Beginning on Tuesday, July 5th, the Ibiza club legend will get behind the decks every Tuesday throughout July and August for Ibiza 2022. Pick up tickets from Dice. Cox is also set to return to Brighton Beach in July for a second edition of On the Beach, after making his sold-out debut on the seafront last summer.

Who is Carl Cox Motorsport?

Formed in 2013 by the renowned DJ and motorsport enthusiast, Carl Cox Motorsport has quickly grown internationally with the incorporation of various teams and styles of motor racing.

Formed in 2013 by the renowned DJ and motorsport enthusiast, Carl Cox Motorsport has quickly grown internationally with the incorporation of various teams and styles of motor racing. Carl Cox Motorsport Extreme E: Introducing Timo & Christine – our Dream Team! “I just love all aspects of motorsport,” says Carl Cox.

Does scooter mention Carl Cox?

Scooter mentions Cox in their 1994 song Hyper Hyper, during which lead singer H.P. Baxxter reads out the name of numerous DJs. Cox set up Carl Cox Motorsport in New Zealand in 2013. Carl Cox Motorsport backed motorcycle legend Michael Dunlop at the 2022 Isle of Man TT. Dunlop won both Supersport races at the event.

Who is Carl Cox Motorsport’s ‘fastest DJ in the world’?

Bennetts spent some time with the legend to delve deeper into his love for the Isle of Man TT, how he got into bikes, why he has over 80 machines in his collection, and why he’s earned the title of ‘Fastest DJ in the World!’ The official Carl Cox Motorsport website.

Who is Carl Cox Motorsport?

Who won the first TT for Carl Cox Motorsport?

His quick word of luck in his ear did the job. A short time later the Ballymoney man had delivered the first TT win for Carl Cox Motorsport. The DJ remembers thinking back: “It can’t be true that this has happened to us already.

Does Carl Cox have a record label?

Carl formed his own label, Intec Records, in 1999, scoring a series of underground hits and enjoying eight years at the forefront of electronic music.

How did Carl Cox become a DJ?

It was at the age of 15 that Carl bought a set of turntables and began working as a mobile DJ. Disco was the first music that captivated him but by the early 80s Cox had moved on to playing the same music as other young London DJs – rare groove, New York hip-hop and electro.

Is Carl Cox still a dancer?

He’s still a dancer at heart. “When I’m in the booth, I’m performing like I’m on the dancefloor,” he says. “That’s my art. And I’m having so much fun.” Carl Cox’s new album Electronic Generations is out 2 December. Superstar DJ and producer Carl Cox talks making raw, dark, live techno with his first album in a decade, ‘Electronic Generations’.

Who is Chris Cox?

Cox has also served as a monthly DJ for BBC Radio 1 ‘s Essential Mix . He runs the record label, Intec Digital, which was founded around 1998 as Intec Records. Cox also had his own radio show and podcast, entitled Global, which he ran until February 2017.

Where does Carl Cox live?

Carl Cox live at Babylon Festival, Carapooee, Australia. Feb 2019. on YouTube (1 March 2019) ^ “Carl Cox DJ Set, Goodwood Racecourse Horse Racing and Dance Music| Goodwood”. www.goodwood.com. Retrieved 27 February 2020. ^ “Carl Cox Celebrates 100th Label Release With New ‘Intec 100’ EP: Exclusive”. Billboard. 25 February 2016.

How old is DJ Tiesto?

54 years (January 17, 1969)

Tiësto / Age

How old is Sven Vath?

Sven Väth (born 26 October 1964) is a German DJ and electronic music producer. He is a three-time DJ Awards winner, and his career in electronic music spans over 30 years.

Who is Sven Väth?

Sven Väth is a major proponent of vinyl, using only two decks and a mixer for his extensive DJ sets, his longest set having been 30 hours. Both of Sven Väth’s parents were from East Germany. They escaped separately and met each other by chance in the West when they were very young, in a town near Frankfurt.

Where does Väth live?

As he grew older, he would spend his summers in Ibiza and the rest of the year in Frankfurt, in between world tours. Now, Väth has a home in Ibiza, where he tends to spend six to eight months of the year, including the summer season for his Cocoon parties at Amnesia.

How many albums did Väth have?

While building this brand, playing countless global shows and becoming an international figurehead of techno, Väth also released eight studio albums, with the last one in 2003. But the pandemic gave Väth something he hadn’t had for a long while: time.

How many visitors does Sven Vath attract?

A phenomenon now attracting upwards of 80,000 visitors in a 4 month season with Sven Vath front and centre throughout.

Is Carl Cox a good DJ?

A veteran of acid house and techno, he’s become one of the most celebrated DJs on the planet, nurturing the club scene with relentless enthusiasm. A founding father of the emerging British rave scene, Cox’s F.A.C.T.

Is Carl Cox a good DJ?

Is Carl Cox moving away from DJing in 2023?

From three-deck wizard to a new kind of triple threat, Carl Cox is evolving. He talks to Nick Stevenson about his new artistic era, first album in a decade, and playing on the moon Whisper it, but the planet’s favourite DJ has more than hinted that he’s looking to move away from DJing in 2023. There’s a bit more to it than that.

Is Chris Cox a DJ?

Clearly, the power of motor vehicles gives him as much pleasure as the power of music. Even with his hefty discography, even with a new album on the way, Cox is first and foremost, in the minds of many, a DJ.

Who is Franky Wah & Carl Cox?

Rising star DJ/producer of 2021: “Franky Wah. He is coming at ya!” Carl Cox: maestro, legend, genius — he’s been called it all and that’s probably why he’s never left the Top 100 DJs list ever since it began.

What kind of techno is Carl Cox?

Carl Cox
GenresHouse, techno, tech house, minimal techno
Occupation(s)DJ, producer
Years active1980s–present
LabelsIntec Digital

Who is Chris Cox & why is he so popular?

Thanks to his technical skills as a DJ and his musical prowess, Cox has skyrocketed from his early cult status in the acid house scene, to a champion of techno, breakbeat, jungle, drum and bass, and beyond, to the superstar DJ that he is known as today.

How long has Carl Cox been DJing for?

Carl Cox
Occupation(s)DJ, producer
Years active1980s–present
LabelsIntec Digital
WebsiteCarl Cox

What happened to Cox & his tour manager?

Cox got down on the floor and crawled to a backstage locker room where he and his tour manager barricaded themselves in. After an hour, they were escorted out to a car, past scores of police vans and ambulances. Four people had died and nine were injured. “Seeing people shot on the dancefloor and dying in front of me, blood everywhere …”

Where did Chris Cox grow up?

Along with the Venezuela tragedy and Cox’s subsequent return to the stage, it chronicles his early life in Carshalton, London (he moved to Brighton in his late teens), his burgeoning love of music and his 40-year DJing career, which helped kick off the UK’s house and techno scene.

Did you know Carl Cox was the first person to head up Mixmag?

Volume 1: Carl Cox (1992) Did you know that Carl Cox was the first person to ever head up a Mixmag mix? In January of 1992, the DJ went up alongside former Mixmag editor Dave Seaman to create The Essential Mixmag Live tape which consisted of house classics from himself, Rhythm Section, Tech Noise, and more.

How long has Carl Cox been DJing for?

Is Carl Cox techno or house?

Carl Cox
Birth nameCarl Cox
Born29 July 1962 Oldham, England
GenresHouse, techno, tech house, minimal techno
Occupation(s)DJ, producer

Are DJs crowned superstars in Ibiza?

With super-clubs come superstar DJs and nowhere has more than Ibiza. Despite the growing glitz of Las Vegas and soaring popularity of Croatia’s festivals, this Balearic island is still king of dance music. For DJs to be crowned superstars, they have to make a name for themselves here. DJs are idolised like the rockstars of yesteryear.

Who keeps Ibiza dancing?

Solomun, the D.J. Who Keeps Ibiza Dancing | The New Yorker Solomun, the D.J. Who Keeps Ibiza Dancing He leads a manic, exhausting life—but when he’s guiding clubbers through one of his marathon sets it feels like time has been suspended. Solomun manning the decks at Pacha in Ibiza.

Are Carl Cox & Space Ibiza the ultimate Ibizan marriage?

With his Tuesday night’s at Space Ibiza, “Carl Cox: Revolution,” the 51 year old techno titan still works crowds into a frenzy with endless enthusiasm and a smile from ear to ear. From humble beginnings to the very embodiment of DJ superstardom, Carl Cox and Space Ibiza are perhaps the ultimate Ibizan marriage.

Who was DJ Alfredo?

In 1985, DJ Alfredo, an Argentinean who played at a giant Ibiza night club called Amnesia, bought from an American dealer his first house record: “ Donnie ,” a single by the It. The track was spare but passionate, and Alfredo fell in love.

What is Carl Cox Hybrid live show?

This Hybrid Live set from Carl Cox is a truly special event, exemplifying that true legends consistently work on their craft. Through the use of both software and hardware components to incorporate live elements into his DJ’ing, a dynamic night of sound is coming in hot.

What is Carl Cox’s Hybrid live show?

Carl Cox has announced a special Hybrid Live show taking place in Denver, Colorado’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre this autumn. The show, which will take place on 8th October, will see Cox using a variety of live hardware including drum machines and synthesisers to supplement his DJing.

Is Carl Cox coming to Red Rocks in 2023?

Carl Cox Is Bringing His “Hybrid Live” Show to Red Rocks In 2023 The techno legend will take over one of the most beloved concert venues in the world this fall. Author: Nick Yopko Publish date: Mar 10, 2023 Dan Reid The techno legend will take over one of the most beloved concert venues in the world this fall. Home EVENTS Oh yes, oh yes!

Who is Chris Cox & what does he do?

Showcasing his incredible skill as a live performer, the techno legend will make his debut at Central Park and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, before making a glorious return to LA. Globally renowned as one of the world’s foremost deck technicians, Cox is also a master of playing live using drum machines, synths and samplers.

Was Carl Cox born in Oldham?

July 29, 1962 (age 61 years), Manchester, United Kingdom

Carl Cox / Born

How old is Carl Cox?

Being born on July 29 1962, Carl Cox is 60 years old as of today’s date 3rd April 2023. His height is 1.8 m tall, and his weight is 80 kg. Carl released his debut single as a music producer for Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Label “I Want You” in the early ’90s. To this day, Carl is considered to be one of the best “celebrity DJs” in the world.

Was Carl Cox born in Oldham?

Where did Cary Cox live?

In 1788, the Cary Cox family reportedly moved to Edgefield County, South Carolina, where they remained until about 1795, when they are supposed to have removed to Warren County, Georgia. It is believed that about 1807 Asa’s parents went to live in Putnam County, Georgia with his (Asa’s) brother Cary Jr.

Where did the Cox family come from?

“Our” branch of the Cox (also spelled Coxe, Cocks, Cockes, Cock, and Cocke) family reportedly has a long history in America, which may have begun during the very first century of English colonization on this continent.

How old is David Guetta now?

56 years (November 7, 1967)

David Guetta / Age

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