What is Alan Walker's real name?

Alan Olav Walker

Alan Walker / Full name

Alan Olav Walker was born on 24 August 1997 in Northampton, England, to Anglo-Scottish British Philip Alan Walker, and his Norwegian wife Hilde Omdal Walker. As a result, by his international parental inheritance, he was granted dual citizenship from both the United Kingdom and Norway.

What is Alan Walker's real name?

Is Alan Walker a gamer?

Alan Walker is only 20, but this EDM DJ/ producer and video gamer already has millions of fans for his YouTube channel and a global following.

Who is Alan Walker?

In 2021 Alan is upping the ante with astonishing new music and visuals, so buckle up, cause he’s just getting started. Continuously delivering thumping beats and hypnotic records, 23-year old Norwegian DJ and Producer Alan Walker is truly a force to be reckoned with.

What is Alan Walker logo?

Symbol consisting of intertwined letters “A” and “W”, as used by A. Walker for logo Alan Walker has generally been well received by critics. His music has been praised for its creative production, unique style, and melodic sound. Critics have also noted the strong emotional impact of his music.

What is DJ Walker’s real name?

Walker was originally known as “DJ Walkzz” or “Walkzz” when he started out. He ended up using his real name, Alan Walker, as his artist name after signing up with a record label. He designed his logo in 2013, a symbol consisting of intertwined letters “A” and “W” which are the initials of his name.

Who is Alan Walker wife Viivi Niemi?

Alan was born to Norwegian Hilde Omdal Walker and English Philip Alan Walker. He has two siblings; his older sister, Camilla Walker and a younger brother, Andreas Walker He is not married, Alan is in a relationship with Viivi Niemi. Their is no more information concerning her relationship. He has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2020.

Does Alan Walker have a sister?

Camilla Joy Walker

Alan Walker / Sister

What ethnicity is Alan Walker?

He has mixed ethnicity. His mother is Norwegian, while his father is an Englishman. So, where does Alan Walker live? At the age of 2, he relocated to Bergen in Norway together with his family. He grew up in Norway alongside his older sister Camilla Joy and his younger brother Andreas Walker.

How many siblings does John Walker have?

Walker holds dual citizenship (Norway and Britain). He has an elder sister, Camilla Joy, and a younger brother, Andreas. In his early years, Walker was inclined towards computers, and graphic designing. In 2012, he listened to a song composed by David Whistle.

How old was Alan Walker when he settled in Norway?

He was only 2 years old when he settled in Bergen, Norway with his parents. Alan Walker was provided two citizen certificates on account of his paternal origin i.e., Norwegian- British. After his family relocated from UK, he grew up with a younger brother named Andreas and with an elder sister named Camilla Joy.

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